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Social networks are the most engaging applications on mobile devices, and they are becoming the main sources for users to consume content. However, content retrieval, especially for embedded links and multimedia, can often be too slow, too energy hungry or too expensive for on-the-go mobile users. To address these issues, we collect and analyze a large set(More)
Although network traces of virtual worlds are valuable to ISPs (Internet service providers), virtual world software developers, and research communities, they do not exist in the public domain. In this work, we implement a complete testbed to efficiently collect and analyze network traces from a popular virtual world: Second Life. We use the testbed to(More)
We design, implement, and evaluate an H.264/SVC decoder and an HTTP video streaming client on multi-core mobile devices. The decoder employs multiple decoder threads to leverage the multi-core CPUs, and the streaming server/client support adaptive HTTP video streaming. To evaluate the decoder performance, we conduct experiments using real H.264/SVC videos(More)
Healthcare organizations are looking for opportunities to create new business model and value that can be implemented through information technology (IT) enabled transformation. Big data, an overwhelming phenomenon which has been addressed through various new and old data management technologies, hold the key to healthcare transformation. To address this,(More)
The advent of smart phones, along with the paradigm shift towards cloud-based services, presents new challenges to the cellular backbone infrastructure. Cisco predicts that mobile data traffic will double every year through 2014, with a CAGR of 108% from 2009 to 2014, reaching 3.6 exabytes per month. We propose to exploit the potential of smart phones in(More)
Today's mobile Internet is heavily overloaded by the increasing demand and capability of mobile devices, in particular, multimedia traffic. However, not all traffic is created equal, and a large portion of multimedia contents on the mobile Internet is delay tolerant. We study the problem of capitalizing the content transfer opportunities under better(More)
Virtual machines (VM) migration can improve availability, manageability, performance and fault tolerance of systems. Current migration researches mainly focus on the promotion of the efficiency by using shared storage, priority-based policy etc.. But the effect of migration is not well concerned. In fact, once physical servers are overloaded from(More)