Yichong Bai

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WeChat is a mobile messaging application that has 549 million active users as of Q1 2015, and “WeChat Moments” (WM) serves its social-networking function that allows users to post/share links of web pages. WM differs from the other social networks as it imposes many restrictions on the information diffusion process to mitigate the information overload. In(More)
Today, many applications depend on the projection on the population distribution in geographical regions, such as launching marketing campaigns and enhancing the public safety in certain densely-populated areas. Demographic and sociological researches have provided various ways of collecting people's trajectory data through offline means. However,(More)
WeChat is a widely used online social media application in China for its popularity. Based on the analysis of big HTML5 data from WeChat, the Geography Interaction Activity Network (GIAN) is acquired first in this paper. Then we analyze the geographical characteristics of WeChat network through the community detection in GIAN. It is concluded that the(More)
In this paper, we study multi-object tracking problem from the first-person viewpoint, e.g., the moving camera. This problem is different from the traditional one with static camera and brings lots of challenges. To solve this problem, we adopt the tracking-by-detection approach and design a new similarity model for two detection responses considering the(More)
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