Yiching A Liang

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Geckos are exceptional in their ability to climb rapidly up smooth vertical surfaces. Microscopy has shown that a gecko's foot has nearly five hundred thousand keratinous hairs or setae. Each 30-130 microm long seta is only one-tenth the diameter of a human hair and contains hundreds of projections terminating in 0.2-0.5 microm spatula-shaped structures.(More)
Geckos have evolved one of the most versatile and effective adhesives known. The mechanism of dry adhesion in the millions of setae on the toes of geckos has been the focus of scientific study for over a century. We provide the first direct experimental evidence for dry adhesion of gecko setae by van der Waals forces, and reject the use of mechanisms(More)
Secondary derivative differential pulse polarography was developed and used for the quantitative analysis of ribostamycin sulfate, kanamycin and their preparations. By using sodium hydroxide-potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution as the base solution, ribostamycin sulfate and kanamycin showed good peaks at 0.105 V and -0.37 V (vs Ag/AgCl) respectively. The(More)
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