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A wearable finger flexion monitor developed to measure hand function in individuals with hand dysfunction was evaluated for feasibility, measurement repeatability and reliability, fidelity of wireless transmission, and user acceptance. Configuration of the monitor allows use in situations when a traditional measurement glove cannot be worn. Five healthy(More)
While a number of devices have recently been developed to facilitate hand rehabilitation after stroke, most place some restrictions on movement of the digits or arm. Thus, a novel glove was developed which can provide independent extension assistance to each digit while still allowing full arm movement. This pneumatic glove, the PneuGlove, can be used for(More)
In this paper, virtual reality and an assistive device for hand rehabilitation after stroke is developed. A stereoscopic head mounted display (HMD) incorporating head-tracking to generate a panoramic virtual scene was used in conjunction with Shadow Glove and PneuGlove. The glove is used for grasp-and-release tasks to practice grasping objects not readily(More)
Hand impairment is common following stroke and is often resistant to traditional therapy methods. Successful interventions have stressed the importance of repeated practice to facilitate rehabilitation. Thus, we have developed a servo-controlled glove to assist extension of individual digits to promote practice of grasp-and-release movements with the hand.(More)
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