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OBJECTIVES Our purpose was to determine whether the common polymorphisms (SNP-604, SNP1192, and SNP1719) in KDR are associated with risk of coronary heart disease. BACKGROUND Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its receptor KDR (kinase insert domain-containing receptor/fetal liver kinase-1, also called VEGFR2) play critical roles in angiogenesis(More)
Stroke is a common complex trait and does not follow Mendelian pattern of inheritance. Gene-gene or gene-environment interactions may be responsible for the complex trait. How the interactions contribute to stroke is still under research. This study aimed to explore the association between gene-gene interactions and stroke in Chinese in a large case-control(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Universal salt iodization (USI) was implemented in all counties of China in 1995. This study was undertaken to assess the status of iodine deficiency disorders control and prevention after 10 years of implementation of USI in a severe iodine deficiency region in China. METHODS Thirty primary school were selected in Gansu province(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence and clinical significance of orthostatic hypertension (OHT) remain largely undetermined in hypertensive patients. This study investigated the association of OHT and orthostatic hypotension (OH) with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and target organ damage (TOD) in hypertensive patients. METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted(More)
Alpine ecosystems are quite sensitive to global climatic changes. Drawing from two sets of remote sensing data (1986 and 2000) and field investigations, the ecological index method was used to document ecosystem changes in the Yangtze and Yellow River source regions of central Qinghai–Tibet. Although crucial to understanding alpine ecosystem responses to(More)
It has been reported that the variants of the PDE4D (phosphodiesterase 4D) gene are associated with stroke, especially with the combination of cardio-embolic and carotid stroke in the Icelandic population, but it is still very controversial as to whether PDE4D is a susceptible gene for stroke in other populations. In the present study, we tested whether the(More)
Voltage-gated proton (Hv1) channels play important roles in the respiratory burst, in pH regulation, in spermatozoa, in apoptosis, and in cancer metastasis. Unlike other voltage-gated cation channels, the Hv1 channel lacks a centrally located pore formed by the assembly of subunits. Instead, the proton permeation pathway in the Hv1 channel is within the(More)
The conventional tools for mismatch elimination such as geometric symmetry and common centroid technology can only eliminate systematic mismatch, but can do little to reduce random mismatch and thermal-induced mismatch. As the development of VLSI technology, the random mismatch is becoming more and more serious. And in the context of Silicon on Insulator(More)
BACKGROUND The haplotypes in the gene vitamin K epoxide reductase complex subunit 1 (VKORC1) have been found to affect warfarin dose response through effects on the formation of reduced-form vitamin K, a cofactor for gamma-carboxylation of vitamin K-dependent proteins, which is involved in the coagulation cascade and has a potential impact on(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE It is still controversial whether elevated plasma homocysteine and the C677T polymorphism of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene are risk factors for stroke. The aim of the present study was to investigate the association between the 2 factors and stroke in Chinese in a large case-control study. METHODS We recruited(More)