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The understanding of positive development across adolescence rests on having a valid and equivalent measure of this construct across the breadth of this period of life. Does the Positive Youth Development (PYD) construct based on the Five Cs model have satisfactory psychometric properties for such longitudinal measurement invariance? Using longitudinal data(More)
STUDY DESIGN A prospective controlled study. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to compare the safety and efficacy of the zero-profile device with that of an anterior cervical plate and cage in patients undergoing anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA A series of studies have indicated that anterior instruments(More)
Using longitudinal data from the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development, the authors assessed 1,977 adolescents across Grades 5 to 8 to determine if there were distinctive developmental paths for behavioral and emotional school engagement; if these paths varied in relation to sex, race/ethnicity, and family socioeconomic status (SES); and whether links(More)
The authors used data from Grades 5 through 7 of the longitudinal 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development to assess relations among sports participation, other out-of-school-time (OST) activities, and indicators of youth development. They used a mixture of variable- and pattern-centered analyses aimed at disentangling different features of participation(More)
The constraints of genetic spectrum assignment model without co-channel interference in cognitive radio networks are analyzed in this paper. An improved genetic spectrum assignment model is proposed, the population of genetic algorithm is composed of sets of feasible assignment and infeasible assignment. The penalty function is added to the fitness(More)
Cross-linked rather than non-covalently bonded graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3 N4 )/reduced graphene oxide (rGO) nanocomposites with tunable band structures have been successfully fabricated by thermal treatment of a mixture of cyanamide and graphene oxide with different weight ratios. The experimental results indicate that compared to pure g-C3 N4 , the(More)
Although the role of school engagement in influencing children's academic competence has been recognized in past theory and research, how school engagement may mediate the relationships between ecological and personal resources and academic competence remains largely unknown. Using structural equation modeling procedures, the present study was aimed at(More)
The present study was designed to examine the effects of school engagement on risky behavior in adolescence. Using data from the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development (PYD), a longitudinal study of U.S. adolescents, discrete-time survival analyses were conducted to assess the effect of behavioral and emotional school engagement on the initiation of drug(More)
To evaluate genomic amplification of the human telomerase RNA gene (TERC) as a supportive approach to cytopathology or histopathology in diagnosis of low-grade and high-grade uterine cervical lesions, 1,033 Chinese women at three medical centers had liquid-based thin-layer cytopathologic examination and TERC detection by fluorescence in situ hybridization(More)
Civic participation does not necessarily equate to civic engagement. However, to date, integrated measures of civic engagement that go beyond civic behaviors have not been developed. In this article, we propose an integrated construct of civic engagement, active and engaged citizenship (AEC), that includes behavioral, cognitive, and socioemotional(More)