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The cationic conjugated poly[3-(3'-N,N,N-triethylamino-1'-propyloxy)-4-methyl-2,5-thiophene hydrochloride] (PMNT) has been developed for high-throughput screening of photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy photosensitizers (PSs). The bacterial number can be detected quantitatively by PMNT via various fluorescence quenching efficiencies. The photosensitized(More)
An assembly was fabricated and was revealed to be a multiple-stimulus-responsive biomimetic hybrid polymer architecture. It was constructed by the hydrophobic interactions between a conjugated polyfluorene that contained 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole units (PFBT) and a tri(ethylene glycol)-functionalized polyisocyanopeptide (3OEG-PIC). The introduction of PFBT to(More)
The CO2 -responsive and biocatalytic assembly based on conjugated polymers has been demonstrated by combining the signal amplification property of the polythiophene derivative (PTP) and the catalytic actions of carbonic anhydrase (CA). CO2 is applied as a new trigger mode to construct the smart assembly by controlling the electrostatic and hydrophobic(More)
We report a 1.55μΜ square microcavity laser monolithically integrated on GaAs substrates. The mode characteristics of the microcavity laser are numerically investigated by three-dimensional finite difference time domain method. The dependences of the whispering-gallery modes on the width of the output waveguide and the etching depth are(More)
Objective To explore the effect of C1q/tumor necrosis factor related protein 4 (CTRP4) on the placental trophoblasts of preeclampsia model rats. Methods Placental trophoblastic tissues were respectively collected from normal pregnant rats and model rats with preeclampsia, and then mRNA and protein expression levels of CTRP4, interleukin 1β (IL-1β), and(More)
Detection of carbon dioxide (CO2) is of fundamental importance in diverse applications ranging from environmental analysis to agricultural production. In this work, a hybrid probe based on guanidinium-pendent oligofluorene (G-OF) and water-soluble conjugated polythiophene (PTP) has been developed for the turn on detection of CO2 with low background signal,(More)
A conjugated polymer centered on fluorene and 2,1,3-benzothia-diazole (PFBT) is prepared for sensing CO2 in situ with high sensitivity and low background. Upon introducing CO2, the weaker electrostatic repulsion and stronger hydrophobic interactions between neighboring PFBT molecules enhance the interchain contacts compared to that without CO2, leading to(More)
The GaAsP/Si dual-junction solar cells have been systematically investigated in our paper by using AMPS (Analysis of Microelectronic and Photonic Structures). Based on the optimized results of single-junction solar cells, we propose a promising method to improve the properties of the dual-junction solar cell. And the monolithic(More)
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