Yiasemina Karagiorgi

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Instructional designers are expected to be familiar with the epistemological underpinnings of several theories and their consequences on the process of instruction. Constructivism is the dominant theory of the last decade and supports construction of knowledge by the individual. This paper discusses the basic principles underlying constructivism,(More)
Digital literacy for adults has developed into an important dimension of ICT-related policies worldwide. Although research argues that adults need digital skills, limited evidence has been directed to digital literacy teaching approaches for adults and the associated pedagogy. The study explores which core features of effective adult learning were addressed(More)
In Cyprus, the pilot programme for the introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in elementary schools aimed at ICT as a cross-curricular tool and involved a combination of centralised initiative and largely decentralised implementation responsibility. Two independent studies on curricula integration indicated that parents' and(More)
This paper argues that educational technology in the Greek-Cypriot educational system has reached a critical point since ICT now appears for the first time in the newly reformed national curriculum. This study primarily illuminates the ways in which ICT is depicted in this curriculum with regards to primary education and, secondarily, explores whether the(More)
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