Yiannis Argyropoulos

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Most recently proposed wireless dynamic channel allocation methods have used carrier-to-interference (C/I) information to increase the system performance. Power control is viewed as essential for interference-limited systems. However, the performance of such systems under an imbalance of load among cells, as may occur often in microcells, is largely(More)
Object substitution masking (OSM) is used in behavioral and imaging studies to investigate processes associated with the formation of a conscious percept. Reportedly, OSM occurs only when visual attention is diffusely spread over a search display or focused away from the target location. Indeed, the presumed role of spatial attention is central to(More)
A distributed, interference-based Dynamic Channel Assignment scheme is assessed and compared to Maximum Packing. The system takes action based on knowledge of C/I of active calls. Distributed power control is also used in the call admission and handoo process. We study the impact of the distributed C/I based power control on system performance. We focus on(More)
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