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In recent years ad hoc networks are widely used because of mobility and open architecture nature. But new technology always comes with its own set of problems. Security of ad hoc network is an area of widespread research in recent years. Some unique characteristics of ad hoc network itself are an immense dilemma in the way of security. In this paper we have(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play crucial roles in regulating the expression of various stress responses genes in plants. To investigate soybean (Glycine max) miRNAs involved in the response to cadmium (Cd), microarrays containing 953 unique miRNA probes were employed to identify differences in the expression patterns of the miRNAs between different genotypes,(More)
Precise and effective genome-editing tools are essential for functional genomics and gene therapy. Targeting nucleases have been successfully used to edit genomes. However, whole-locus or element-specific deletions abolishing transcript expression have not previously been reported. Here, we show heritable targeting of locus-specific deletions in the(More)
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