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Soldiers possessing of network attack-defense ability are the key factor for future information war. Aiming at the problem of lacking daily training and drilling environment, a method of building Network Attack-Defense Simulation Training System (NADSTS) based on HLA is put forward. With the method, attack and defense training are designed as different(More)
A simulation training platform aiming at the difficult problem of training is presented. Platform is built based on HLA and its framework is designed to hierarchical structure. Models of training equipment are created with software named GL Studio and Multigen Creator. Key technologies of modeling process are detailed. Equipment operations are layered and(More)
Advancement of RNAi therapies is mainly hindered by the development of efficient delivery vehicles. The ability to create small size (<30 nm) oligonucleotide nanoparticles is essential for many aspects of the delivery process but is often overlooked. In this report, we describe diblock star polymers that can reproducibly complex double-stranded(More)
On-line continuous sampling, ionic liquid-based dynamic microwave-assisted extraction high performance liquid chromatography has been developed and applied to the extraction of lipophilic constituents from root of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge. Several operating parameters were optimized by single-factor and Box-Behnken design experiments. The type and(More)
Here we show that the multifunctionality of Janus particles can be exploited for in vitro T cell activation. We engineer bifunctional Janus particles on which the spatial distribution of two ligands, anti-CD3 and fibronectin, mimics the "bull's eye" protein pattern formed in the membrane junction between a T cell and an antigen-presenting cell. Different(More)
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