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Tissue background suppression is essential for harmonic detection of ultrasonic contrast microbubbles. To reduce the tissue harmonic amplitude for improvement of contrast-to-tissue ratio (CTR), the method of third harmonic (3f(0)) transmit phasing uses an additional 3f(0) transmit signal to provide mutual cancellation between the frequency-sum component and(More)
The method of third harmonic (3f0 transmit phasing is capable of providing effective tissue background suppression for contrast-to-tissue ratio (CTR) improvement in harmonic imaging. With the additional 3f0 transmit signal to generate both the frequency-sum and the frequency-difference components of harmonic signal, the tissue suppression is achieved when(More)
We have developed a soft energy function, termed GEMSCORE, for the protein structure prediction, which is one of emergent issues in the computational biology. The GEMSORE consists of the van der Waals, the hydrogen-bonding potential and the solvent potential with 12 parameters which are optimized by using a generic evolutionary method. The GEMSCORE is able(More)
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