Yi-xiao Bao

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Since late 2012, coxsackievirus A6 (CVA6) has gradually become the predominant pathogen responsible for hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) in several provinces of China. A total of 626 patients diagnosed with HFMD in Shanghai, China from January 2012 to September 2013 were enrolled in this study. Of these, 292 CVA6 infected cases were subjected to clinical(More)
Manganese (Mn) exposure can affect brain development. Whether Selenium (Se) can protect neonates against neurotoxicity from Mn exposure remains unclear. We investigated this issue in 933 mother-newborn pairs in Shanghai, China, from 2008 through 2009. Umbilical cord serum concentrations of Mn and Se were measured and Neonatal Behavioral Neurological(More)
The objective of this study is to assess the prevalence and risk in patients with juvenile onset ankylosing spondylitis (JoAS) complicated with low bone mineral density (BMD). A total of 112 children and adolescents with JoAS were enrolled in the study. Bone mass was measured from the lumbar spine and the left proximal femur using dual-energy X-ray(More)
A novel recombinant coxsackievirus A6 (CVA6) strain was isolated during a coxsackievirus A6 outbreak in Shanghai, China, in 2013. Genomic sequence and similarity plot analysis showed that the novel CVA6 strain shared higher similarity with a recent CVA4 strain rather than the recent CVA6 strain in the 2C and 3' untranslated regions (UTRs).
OBJECTIVE To investigate the serum expressions of chemokines CCL2 and CCL3 in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who were treated with recombinant human interleukin 1 (IL-1) receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra). MATERIAL AND METHODS Serum CCL2 and CCL3 were determined using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in 54 active RA patients before and after(More)
PURPOSE Interleukin (IL)-13, a Th2-type cytokine, plays a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of asthma through its direct effects on airway smooth muscles. A naturally occurring IL-13 polymorphism, R110Q, is strongly associated with increased total serum IgE levels and asthma. In the present study, we aimed to determine whether the IL-13 R110Q variant would(More)
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