Yi-wei Mao

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Optical birefringence and dichroism are classical and important effects originating from two independent polarizations of optical waves in anisotropic crystals. Furthermore, the distinct dispersion relations of transverse electric and transverse magnetic polarized electromagnetic waves in photonic crystals can lead to birefringence more easily. However, it(More)
Acoustic negative refractions with backward-wave (BW) effects were both theoretically and experimentally established in the second band of a two-dimensional (2D) triangular sonic crystal (SC). Intense Bragg scatterings result in the extreme deformation of the second band equifrequency surface (EFS) into two classes: one around the K point and the other(More)
Physalin A (PA) is an active withanolide isolated from Physalis alkekengi var. franchetii, a traditional Chinese herbal medicine named Jindenglong, which has long been used for the treatment of sore throat, hepatitis, and tumors in China. In the present study, we firstly investigated the effects of PA on proliferation and cell cycle distribution of the(More)
Based on the observation data of air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and solar radiation from May to August 2006, the regulation effects of five types of open spaces (square, fountain, grassplot, corridor, and woodland) in Shanghai urban districts on the microclimate were analyzed, and discomfort index (DI) was introduced to evaluate the effects(More)
As well known, when a longitudinal wave propagates through an interface with micro-cracks and micro-defects between solids, the contact acoustic nonlinearity (CAN) will be generated dramatically and the nonlinear parameter can be used to contour the bonding state of the interface. However the contour can only show the relative state of bonding strength and(More)
Due to the massive applications of multilayered composite materials (for example carbon fiber material, glass fiber material etc.) in material industry, aviation industry, medical enterprise and other consumer industries, it becomes an important work to carry on the non-destructive evaluation to the long-term characteristic and the security of the composite(More)
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