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OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship of certain skeletal maturity indicators of hand and wrist with adolescent growth spurt. METHODS 14 757 normal urban children, 7373 boys and 7384 girls, aged 7 - 20, all of Han nationality, from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Dalian, and Shijiazhuang underwent measurement of height and weight, and left wrist(More)
Rationale and Objective. Large studies have previously been performed to set up a Chinese bone age reference, but it has been difficult to compare the maturation of Chinese children with populations elsewhere due to the potential variability between raters in different parts of the world. We re-analysed the radiographs from a large study of normal Chinese(More)
OBJECTIVE The determination of skeletal maturity has an important role in pediatric clinical practice, especially in relation to endocrinological problems and growth disorders, and it is frequently useful in diagnosis and monitoring treatment. It has been suggested that the difference between radius, ulna and short bonse (RUS) and carpal may be of(More)
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