Yi-qun Sun

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OBJECTIVE To study the change of nucleic acid sequence and the germicidal effect of an E. coli bacteriophage with broad host range isolated from hospital sewage as well as to study the mechanism of phage host specificity and the effect of killed bacteria by phage-disinfectant to the samples from sewage water. METHODS To extract the nucleic acid from phage(More)
In the paper, in view of the fact that triangle fuzzy numbers’ comparison has importance in actual project and more or less flaw in former comparative method, the necessity of improvement is proposed. Because the restriction coefficient combines fuzzy average value、fuzzy standard dispersion and fuzzy information content and other merits, it is introduced(More)
According to the structural feature and development presently of the electric power communications network, one of its risk evaluation methods based on improved FAHP is proposed. The significance and situation of risk evaluation of the electric power communications network are briefly presented. One new method of fuzzy taxis, called restriction coefficient,(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a new type bone graft material that can be used as primary graft in contaminated even infected bone defect. METHODS Anti-infective reconstructed bone xenograft (ARBX) was developed by combining reconstructed bone xenograft (RBX) with gentamycin and gelatin. One piece of ARBX was implanted in the muscle pouch in right thighs of 32(More)
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