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To explore the influence of the basic density on collapse-type shrinkage properties and to quantify the relationships of the main anatomical features with shrinkage and collapse properties, all above-mentioned parameters were determined and analyzed for three species of collapse-susceptible eucalypts, Eucalyptus urophylla, Eucalyptus grandis, and E.(More)
In order to investigate the dynamic processes of mRNA levels of proenkephalin, proopiomelanocortin, prodynorphin, and opioid receptors (δ-, μ-, and κ-receptor) induced by electroacupuncture (EA) in the central nerve system, goats were stimulated by EA of 60 Hz for 0.5 h at a set of Baihui, Santai, Ergen, and Sanyangluo points. The pain threshold was(More)
The global economy is facing economic crisis at present. And all the industries are face to serious problem relative to their fates. In addition, the bamboo industry in China is not relating to ecological environment construction for low utilization rate of raw materials, high energy consumption and low products extra value. therefore, the development model(More)
Power consumption is very large in fly-ash cement particleboard poduction. By technical innovation, creating the greatest economic benefits with minimal power consumption and the lowest cost is the only route of enterprise development. In this paper, fly-ash cement particleboard production characteristics was analyzed, energy-saving measures for(More)
Different surface modifiers (stearine acid and titanate coupling agent) were used to modify wood fibers. Effects of surface modified wood fibres on mechanical properties ( tensile strength and impact strength) of fibre-reinforced biodegradable composites were studied,and the tensile fracture surfaces and the interfacial adhesion of composites were examined(More)
High production energy consumption of medium density fiberboard restricted enterprise economic benefits seriously. In this paper, medium density fiberboard production characteristics was analyzed, energy-saving technology of medium density fiberboard enterprise was disscused. The analysis showed that establishing “energy plant” to reach power(More)
The dynamic thermal mechanical properties of Bamboo fiber(BF)/Polylactic Acid(PLA) composites were studied by the thermal dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA). The results showed that E' and tanδ were affected by mass fraction of BF and coupling agent. Because interfacial compatibility between BF and PLA was poor, the dynamic thermal mechanical(More)
In order to eliminate colour difference of bamboo sheets and prevent bamboo moldy, the energy saving biotechnique of bamboo bleaching rapidly based on water resource protection was studied. The results showed that The H<inf>2</inf>O<inf>2</inf> concentration on the impact of white degree was significant at 0.05 level. And white degree increased at first,(More)
Eucalyptus urograndis leaves are cheap and fine natural resources. Therefore, GC/MS was used to analyze high-grade bioenergy utilization of acetone extractives of Eucalyptus urograndis leaves. 43 compounds in the extractives were identified. The mainly abundant constituents were 1,2,3-butanetriol (33.25%), ethyl.alpha.-d-glucopyranoside (13.48%),(More)
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