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With the development of Web Service technology, SOA has so many applications in industries. How to evaluate a domain oriented service becomes an important issue at present. This paper puts forward an extended SOA(exSOA) architecture and a domain expert-based evaluation model for Web Service. It evaluates the candidate service by considering the evaluation(More)
With the development of SOA(Service-Oriented Architecture) and SOC(Service-Oriented Computing), the Quality of Service(QoS) was more and more important than before. How to access, store and measure the QoS in complex network has been a key work for the SOA. An expanded service model supporting QoS is proposed in this paper, and the model supports service(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the molecular mechanism of TFE (total flavone of epimedium) in the treatment of osteoporosis, and then provide experimental evidence for modernization and further development of TFE as an traditional Chinese medicine. METHODS Sixty healthy female SD rats with aged 4 months were randomly divided into three groups (including control(More)
Along with the rapid growth of the Web Service, the research of non-functional properties of Web Service(QoS) becomes a hotspot. The work in this paper is based on an extended service model. It puts forward a metric policy of comprehensive QoS, and the matching algorithm including two aspects: non-QoS constraint and QoS constraint. The experimental results(More)
An increasing number of industrial, agricultural, and commercial chemicals in the aquatic environment leads to various deleterious effects on organisms, which is becoming an increasingly serious problem in China. In this study, the comet assay was conducted to investigate the genotoxicity to human body caused by organic concentrates in the drinking water(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the clinical significance of postoperative back muscle exercises after percutaneous vertebroplasty for spinal osteoporotic compression fracture patients. DESIGN Clinical randomized controlled trials of parallel group nonpharmacologic study. SETTING Patients practised back muscle exercises in the spinal surgery department,(More)
The signal identification technology is applied in tertiary recovery of oil field, which is based on that everything has own resistivity. The artificial physical models are established basis on the heterogeneity of Daqing oilfield main oil layers. The matrix of reservoir does not conduct electricity, but the water with salt in the reservoir can. So the(More)
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