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BACKGROUND We studied respirophasic variation in carotid artery blood flow peak velocity (ΔVpeak-CA) measured by pulsed wave Doppler ultrasound as a predictor of fluid responsiveness in mechanically ventilated patients with coronary artery disease. METHODS Forty patients undergoing elective coronary artery bypass surgery were enrolled. Subjects were(More)
AIMS To prospectively assess the efficacy and safety of moderately hypofractionated conformal radiotherapy in patients with thoracic esophageal cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS From Sept. 2002 to Oct. 2005, 150 eligible patients with T2-4N0-1M0 stage thoracic esophageal squamous cell cancers were enrolled to receive either conventional fractionated radiation(More)
We investigate two different kinds of resonant current regulators for a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) under distorted grid voltage conditions: proportional integral resonant (PIR) regulator with traditional resonant part and vector proportional integral (VPI) regulator with VPI resonant part. Based on the mathematical model of DFIG under distorted(More)
This paper presents a multiple target implementation technique for a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) under unbalanced and distorted grid voltage based on direct power control (DPC). Based on the mathematical model of DFIG under unbalanced and distorted voltage, the proportional and integral (PI) regulator is adopted to regulate the DFIG average active(More)
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