Yi-ming Zhang

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Modular datacenters (MDCs) use shipping containers, encapsulating thousands of servers, as large pluggable building blocks for mega datacenters. The MDC’s “service-free” model poses stricter demand on fault-tolerance of the modular datacenter network (MDCN). Based on the “scale-out” principle, in this paper we propose SCautz, a novel hybrid intra-container(More)
Internet-based virtual computing environment (iVCE) has been proposed to combine data centers and other kinds of computing resources on the Internet to provide efficient and economical services. Virtual machines (VMs) have been widely used in iVCE to isolate different users/jobs and ensure trustworthiness, but traditionally VMs require a long period of time(More)
Humans have had a significant impact on the terrestrial pedosphere through activities such as agriculture and urbanization. The effects of human activities on land use and the related environmental changes were investigated through point and areal studies surrounding Meiliang Bay, which is an open area of extreme eutrophication in Taihu Lake, China. This(More)
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