Yi-li Zhang

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We compared the expression of chemokine receptor CCR2 protein in the dorsal root ganglia (DRG) injured by the chronic constriction injury (CCI), the spinal nerve ligation (SNL) and a chronic compression of DRG (CCD). Each of these injuries produced the same significant increase in CCR2 protein in the DRG, as assessed by Western blot analyses. Whole-cell(More)
Cucumber and rice plants with varying ammonium (NH4 +) sensitivities were used to examine the effects of different nitrogen (N) sources on gas exchange, chlorophyll (Chl) fluorescence quenching, and photosynthetic electron allocation. Compared to nitrate (NO3 −)-grown plants, cucumber plants grown under NH4 +-nutrition showed decreased plant growth, net(More)
Pedicularis longiflora experienced extensive populations' expansion in Quaternary, but the dispersal corridors were still unclear. According to the distribution patterns of haplotypes based on chloroplast DNA variation, the dispersal routes were predicted using species distribution models (MXENT) and the least-cost path method. Two possible dispersal routes(More)
Human diploid cell strains (HDCSs), possessing identical chromosome sets known to be free of all known adventitious agents, are of great use in developing human vaccines. However it is extremely difficult to obtain qualified HDCSs that can satisfy the requirements for the mass production of vaccines. We have developed a new HDCS, Walvax-2, which we derived(More)
Interspecies competition is the main factor determining the trophic niche width of sympatric species on both ecological and evolutionary levels. In August 2004, a microscopic analysis of feces was made to analyze the diet compositions of Pantholops hodgsoni, Procapra picticaudata and Equus kiang under free-living circumstances between Chuma River and(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate both the effects of hydrophilic additives and combined processing parameters on the in vitro release of a model protein, bovine serum albumin (BSA), from poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) microspheres. Additives including beta-cyclodextrin, HP-beta-cyclodextrin, poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) 6000, and sorbitol, and(More)
The impact of climate change on species distribution is a hot issue in biogeography research. This study utilized the constructive species Stipa purpurea as the research object, which was widely distributed in alpine meadow of the Tibetan Plateau, investigated its distribution in the Tibetan Plateau through the field survey and herbarium search, and used(More)
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