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Learning-based anomaly detection method is often subject to inaccuracies due to noise, small sample size, bad choice of parameter for the estimator, etc. We propose a novel method using higher-order feature, based on the sequence nonparametric test to assess the reliability of the estimation. The method allows an expert to discover informative features for(More)
In this paper, we apply a new linear correlation attribute reduction algorithm to feature selection. The algorithm is valuable when the features are marginally unrelated but jointly related to the response variable. A new technique is introduced to remove redundant attributes and it is effective to reduce the false selection rate in the feature selection(More)
Begin with discussing the deficiency of the traditional ceramic pattern designing procedure, the concepts of the designer-customer cooperation in ceramic pattern designing is advanced. Meanwhile, this paper mainly discusses the theory and the key technology of the internet-based Ceramic Pattern’s cooperative module, then it is implemented and used(More)
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