Yi-jin Wang

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Nogo-66 is a 66-amino-acid-residue extracellular domain of Nogo-A, which plays a key role in inhibition neurite outgrowth of central nervous system through binding to the Nogo-66 receptor (NgR) expressed on the neuron. Recent studies have confirmed that NgR is also expressed on the surface of macrophages/microglia in multiple sclerosis, but its biological(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare statics characteristics between anterior transpedicular screws (ATPS) system and vertebral body screws (VBS) system in lower cervical spine. METHODS Sixteen fresh cervical specimens were collected and dissected into 32 different units (functional spinal unit, FSU), 8 units in C3,4, C4,5, C5,6 and C6,7 each. The subjects were randomly(More)
A bioinformatics analysis was carried out to compare nucleotide and protein sequences of Hoxd13 (homeobox D13), a gene involved in cloacal septum development. Based on structure of cloacal septum, 10 vertebrate species were selected, among which 6 have cloacal septum development, whilst other 4 have persistent cloacal structure. Alignment of protein(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the cervical stabilities of transarticular screw fixation alone, and transarticular screw and plate fixation system. METHODS Twelve specimens of cervical vertebra containing C2-T1 were obtained from human cadaver. The three-column instability model was made at C4.5 and C5.6 levels. The specimens were stabilized with transarticular(More)
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