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The conversations between posters and repliers in microblogs form a valuable writer-reader emotion corpus. In a microblog conversation, the writer of the initial post and the reader who replies to the initial post can both express their emotions. The process of changing from writer emotion to reader emotion is called a writer-reader emotion transition in(More)
Web provides a large-scale corpus for researchers to study the language usages in real world. Developing a web-scale corpus needs not only a lot of computation resources, but also great efforts to handle the large variations in the web texts, such as character encoding in processing Chinese web texts. In this paper, we aim to develop a web-scale Chinese(More)
While microblogging has gained popularity on the Internet, analyzing and processing short messages has become a challenging task in natural language processing. This paper analyzes the differences between Internet short messages (or " microtext ") and general articles by comparing the Plurk Corpus and the Sinica Balanced Corpus. Likelihood ratio and the(More)
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