Yi-gang Wang

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Compared with the three-phase, two-split-capacitor active power filter (3P2C-APF), the three-phase, four-leg active power filter (3P4L-APF) has been widely used in three-phase, four-wire grid utility for power quality control due to its numerous advantages, such as higher current output capability, particularly in phase N, lower current and easier voltage(More)
Representing color images in grayscale has practical and theoretical importance. Current color-to-gray transformations seldom ensure both quality and efficiency simultaneously in practice. In this paper, we present an efficient global mapping from color to gray while preserving visually dominant features of color images. Our color-to-gray transformation is(More)
This paper addresses the problem of human detection in still images. We first describe a novel descriptor concatenating the local normalized histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) and the global normalized histogram of census transform (CT) of images for human detection. The detector is trained by using cascade learning method based on AdaBoost. In addition,(More)
We propose an angle-based mesh representation, which is invariant under translation, rotation, and uniform scaling, to encode the geometric details of a triangular mesh. Angle-based mesh representation consists of angle quantities defined on the mesh, from which the mesh can be reconstructed uniquely up to translation, rotation, and uniform scaling. The(More)
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