Yi-feng Bai

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Glioblastomas are lethal tumors characterized by malignant proliferation and recurrence promoted partly by glioblastoma stem cells (GSCs). GSCs are known to be regulated by hypoxia, but the mechanisms involved in this regulation are not fully understood. We now demonstrate that hypoxia-inducible factor HIF2α and prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) are(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the regulatory effect of miR-126 on epidermal growth factor-like domain 7 (EGFL7) in ECV-304 cells. METHODS The miR-126-expressing plasmid targeting EGFL7 (plegfp-N1-miR-126) was constructed and transiently transfected into ECV-304 cells via liposome. The changes in the mRNA and protein expressions of EGFL7 in the transfected(More)
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