Yi-fan Wang

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The relationship between the electrical properties and structure evolution of single layer graphene was studied by gradually introducing the gallium ion irradiation. Raman spectrums show a structural transition from nano-crystalline graphene to amorphous carbon as escalating the degree of disorder of the graphene sample, which is in correspondence with the(More)
A special holographic optical element (HOE) which is used as an image splitter is developed to generate a stereogram on a 2.2-in. liquid crystal display panel. The special designed holographic optical element can be attached on the conventional panel directly to replace the traditional image splitter in a stereoscopic display panel. Experimental results(More)
The mechanical properties of ultrathin membranes have attracted considerable attention recently. Nanoindentation based on atomic force microscopy is commonly employed to study mechanical properties. We find that the data processing procedures in previous studies are nice approximations, but it is difficult for them to illustrate the mechanical properties(More)
Organic mechanoluminochromic materials are mechano/piezo-responsive and promising for applications in sensors, displays, and data storage devices. However, their switching range of emission is seriously impeded by only one kind of emission (either a fluorescent or phosphorescent peak) in the spectrum of single organic compounds. This study presents a design(More)
Compounds displaying delayed fluorescence (DF), from severe concentration quenching, have limited applications as nondoped organic light-emitting diodes and material sciences. As a nondoped fluorescent emitter, aggregation-induced emission (AIE) materials show high emission efficiency in their aggregated states. Reported herein is an AIE-active, DF compound(More)
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