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In order to quickly and accurately detect the content of titanium dioxide in the juice, a method combining chemometrics and Vis/NIR spectroscopy technique was used in the present study. First, the content of titanium dioxide in the juice sample was determined by using spectrophotometer and standard curve of titanium dioxide. Then, different amount of pure(More)
Visible and near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) was applied in the discrimination of bayberry juice varieties. Characteristics of the pattern were analyzed by partial least square. Through full cross validation, nine principal components presenting important information of spectra were confirmed as the best number of principal components. Then,(More)
Spectroscopy technique is one of the qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques developed quickly in recent years. The spectral analysis is a fast and non-destructive method and has been used in many fields such as oil industry, food industry and so on. In the present paper, the spectral band sensitive to soil moisture content was found from the(More)
A new method for the fast discrimination of brands of soy sauce by means of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was developed and these eight kinds of soy sauce had got its "identity card". The experiment adopted typical eight brands of soy sauce which we bought in the market. Total 3 942 frequencies from 7 625 to 3 684 cm(-1) transmit wavelength were gotten(More)
The present work was focused on analyzing the influence of moisture content, particle size, light source incidence angle and observation height on a loamy mixed soil spectra Meanwhile, prediction models for N content with different moisture and particle sizes were obtained, and the influence of these properties on N prediction was studied. The future(More)
Mango is a kind of popular tropic fruit in the word, and its quality will affect the health of consumers. Unsaturated acid is an important component in mango. So it is very important and necessary to detect the sugar content and valid acidity in mango fast and non-destructively. Visible and short-wave near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (VIS/SWNIRS) was(More)
A new approach to detect the injury degree and time of pear based on visible-near infrared spectroscopy and multispectral image has been proposed. Firstly, visible-near infrared spectroscopy combined with partial least squares (PLS) and least squares-support vector machine (LS-SVM) was used for pear injury degree and time prediction. The result indicated(More)
Early diagnosis of gray mold on tomato stalks based on hyperspectral data was studied in the present paper. A total of 112 samples' hyperspectral data were collected by hyperspectral imaging system. The study spectral region was from 400 to 1,030 nm. Combined with image processing and chemometric methods, the tomato stalk gray mold diagnosis models were(More)
The research achievements and trends of spectral technology in fast detection of Camellia sinensis growth process information and tea quality information were being reviewed. Spectral technology is a kind of fast, nondestructive, efficient detection technology, which mainly contains infrared spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and(More)
The distributed and parallel computation was introduced to spectroscopy signal processing. The reflection spectra of 4 different varieties of sugar including sucrose, xylitol, maltose and dextrose were measured with FI/IR-4100 Fourier infrared spectral equipment. Each type of sugar consisted of 39 samples. The distributed and parallel algorithm was executed(More)