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[Hepatitis E virus (HEV) genotype and the prevalence of anti-HEV in 8 species of animals in the suburbs of Beijing].
OBJECTIVE To investigate the prevalence of anti-hepatitis E virus (HEV) and genotypes of hepatitis E virus in 8 species of animals including swine, cattle, sheep, horse, donkey, dog, chicken and duckExpand
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Hepatitis E virus infection among animals and humans in Xinjiang, China: possibility of swine to human transmission of sporadic hepatitis E in an endemic area.
Hepatitis E is a worldwide public health problem, especially in areas with poor sanitation. This study examines the potential hepatitis E virus (HEV) animal reservoirs and the current status of HEVExpand
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[Progress on studies of genotype and prevalence of hepatitis E virus infection in animals].
Personality Traits and Individual Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Marriage: Evidence from Taiwan
While same-sex marriage has been a particularly salient issue in recent years in Taiwan, few scholarly attentions have been paid to examine the determinants of individual attitudes toward same-sexExpand
Personality traits and the propensity to protest: a cross-national analysis
This study examines the effects of the Big Five personality traits on individual protest behaviour in cross-national context. Past studies on the relationships between personality traits and politi...
Who Protests and Why? The Impact of Socio-Economic Status on Protest Participation in Taiwan
In recent years, protest activities happened frequently in Taiwan. These protests have had profound conseąuences and changed the landscape of Taiwanese politics. Therefore, it is important to knowExpand
Public Service Users' Behavior, Service Satisfaction, and Citizens' Attitudes toward Budgets Cuts
IntroductionCitizens' attitudes toward service budget is undeniably one of the most concern of local governments because citizens' perceived perspective is the main determinant of supporting publicExpand