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In this study we examine the effect of the phytoestrogen genistein on DNA methylation. DNA methylation is thought to inhibit transcription of genes by regulating alterations in chromatin structure. Estrogenic compounds have been reported to regulate DNA methylation in a small number of studies. Additionally, phytoestrogens are believed to affect progression(More)
Given an arbitrary viewpoint <i>v</i> and a terrain, the visibility map or viewshed of <i>v</i> is the set of points in the terrain that are visible from <i>v</i>. In this article we consider the problem of computing the viewshed of a point on a very large grid terrain in external memory. We describe algorithms for this problem in the cache-aware and(More)
When a disaster occurs, timely actions in response to urgent requests conveyed by critical messages (known as alerts) constitute a vital key to effectiveness. These actions include notifying potentially affected parties so that they can take precautionary measures, gathering additional information, and requesting remedial actions and resource allocation.(More)
The widespread application of cloud computing creates massive application services on the Internet, which is a new challenge for the models and algorithms of cloud service composition. This paper proposes a new method for cloud service composition. Time attenuation function is added into the service composition model, and service composition is formalized(More)
BACKGROUND Only unbound or free drug in plasma can be transported to its site of action. The fraction of unbound drug in plasma varies widely for highly bound drugs among individuals. The genetic polymorphism of orosomucoid (ORM) could be related to the interindividual variability in plasma binding of basic drugs, as ORM is the transport protein for these(More)
Web service recommendation has become a hot yet fundamental research topic in service computing. The most popular technique is the Collaborative Filtering (CF) based on a user-item matrix. However, it cannot well capture the relationship between Web services and providers. To address this issue, we first design a cube model to explicitly describe the(More)
The variation of G>T in the MUC5B promoter (rs35705950) has been associated with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and familial interstitial pneumonia (FIP) in Caucasians, but no information is available regarding this variant in the Chinese population. We recruited 405 patients with interstitial lung diseases (ILD), including 165 IPF patients and 2043(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the effect and mechanism of curcumin on pulmonary fibrosis induced by bleomycin in rats. METHODS Fifty-four SD rats were randomly divided into 3 groups, 18 rats each group. The control group received a single intratracheal dose of 2 ml/kg of sterile physiological saline at day 0, and from 14 d, 0.5 ml/kg of sterile physiological(More)
This paper presents an efficient and robust content-based large medical image retrieval method in mobile Cloud computing environment, called the MIRC. The whole query process of theMIRC is composed of three steps. First, when a clinical user submits a query image Iq, a parallel image set reduction process is conducted at a master node. Then the candidate(More)