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Tsallis mapping in growing complex networks with fitness
It is found that this new phenomenological parameter plays an important role in the evolution of networks: the underlying evolving networks may undergo a different phases depending on the exponents, comparing to the original B-B fitness model, and the corresponding critical transition "temperature" is identified.
A multifractality analysis of Ising financial markets with small world topology
Following our preceding study [H. Zhao et al., Europhys. Lett. 101, 18001 (2013)], in which a self-organizing Ising-like model of artificial financial markets with underlying small world (SW) network
Intriguing effects of underlying star topology in Schelling's model with blocks.
The intriguing effects of the underlying star topological structure in the framework of Schelling's segregation model with blocks are explored and an adding-link mechanism is introduced to bridge the gap between the lattice and the star topologies and a scaling law of the average utility function is found.
Self-organizing Ising model of artificial financial markets with small-world network topology
This work studies a self-organizing Ising-like model of artificial financial markets with underlying small-world (SW) network topology and finds that a specific combination of model parameters reproduce main stylized facts of real-world financial markets.
Condensation phase transition in nonlinear fitness networks
It is found that the nonlinear and the fitness preferential-attachment mechanisms play important roles in the formation of an interesting phase structure which depends on both the fitness parameter and the non linear exponent.
A Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of the Ising Financial Markets Model with Small World Topology
We present a multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis (MFDFA) of the time series of return generated by our recently-proposed Ising financial market model with underlying small world topology. The
2 2 A pr 2 01 7 The finite density scaling laws of condensation transition in the stationary and dynamical zero range processes on scale-free networks
The dynamics of zero-range processes on complex networks is expected to be influenced by the underlying topological structure of networks. A real space complete condensation transition in the
Bose?Einstein Condensation in Strong-Coupling Quark Color Superconductor near Flavor SU(3) Limit
Near the flavor SU(3) limit, we propose an analytical description for color-flavor-locked-type Bardeen—Cooper—Schrieffer (BCS) phase in the Nambu Jona—Lasinio (NJL) model. The diquark behaviors in