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A theoretical study of the multi-coupling flexural and longitudinal waves that propagate in a periodic dual-beam-type waveguide with structural connection branches is conducted. The analytical equations of the transfer matrix method are derived for the wave transmission with consideration given to the fully flexural and longitudinal motions that are(More)
Shock wave formation and propagation in vertically vibrated quasi-two-dimensional granular materials are studied by digital high speed photography. Steep density and temperature wave fronts form at the bottom of the granular layer when the layer collides with vibrating plate. Then the fronts propagate upwards through the layer. The temperature front is(More)
In this paper, an experiment was conducted to study the vibration of the shallow water in a vessel with corrugated bottom. When the bottom of the vessel is cosinoidal, the conditions of excitation of the surface waves are modified especially vastly, which has been elucidated in detail by Osipov and Garcia [V.V. Osipov, N. Garcia, Phys. Lett. A 283 (2001)(More)
We investigate experimentally the formation and the transportation of a heap formed by granular materials in an inclined and vertically vibrated container. We observe how the transport velocity of heap up the container is related to the driving acceleration, the driving frequency, and the inclination of the container. An empirical law which governs the(More)
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