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Gentamicin is an effective and powerful antibiotic. Extended use or excessive dosages of which can result in irreversible damage to the inner ear. The development of otoprotective strategies is a primary and urgent goal in research of gentamicin ototoxicity. Ginkgo biloba leaves and their extracts are among the most widely used herbal products and/or(More)
A net-draft-tube, modified airlift reactor and a stirred-tank reactor were used for thuringiensin production by Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. darmstadiensis growing with various concentrations of molasses. The optimum concentration of molasses for thuringiensin production in both reactors was 15 g/l. There was a 6 h delay in sporulation in the modified(More)
The effect of penicillin-G on the production of the potential microbial insecticide thuringiensin by Bacillus thuringiensis sp. darmstadiensis was studied. Shake flask and 3-L jar fermentor studies showed that the addition of 360 units/mL penicillin-G at 9 h, when the fermentable sugar in the medium was about to be mostly consumed, improved thuringiensin(More)
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