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In this study, we theoretically identify three dimensions of expatriate competencies-ability, motivation, and opportunity seeking—for knowledge transfer. Integrating the ability-motivation-opportunity framework and the absorptive capacity perspective, we propose that expatriate competencies in knowledge transfer influence a subsidiary's performance through(More)
Automatic White Balance (AWB) is one of the important functions for digital cameras. The purpose is removing the color cast caused by the un-canonical illuminants where the image captured at. Images with color cast always lose the color contrast and variations, especially those with heavy color cast. For traditional white balance algorithms, the lost color(More)
Wireless connection based smart sensors network can combine sensing, computation, and communication into a single, small device. Because sensor carries its own wireless data transceiver, the time and the cost for construction, maintenance, the size and weight of whole system have been reduced. Information collected from these sensor nodes is routed to a(More)
This study aims to investigate the interactive effects of task performance and impression management tactics on career outcomes from the socioanalytic perspective. Based on a survey of 195 employee-supervisor dyads from various industries in Taiwan, a hierarchical regression analysis revealed that (1) the relationship between task performance and a one-year(More)
The main objective of image enhancement is to increase quality and visibility. Since each block of an image has a given luminance, that is local information, a color enhancement method including local contrast enhancement, local sharpness enhancement and local color enhancement is proposed for improving the quality and visibility flow-exposure and(More)
Digital images are subject to a wide variety of distortions during image processing application, and it is necessary to develop objective image quality metric to evaluate the degradation automatically. Images are prepared for human eyes so that the assessment result must be consistent with human visual effect. Structure Similarity (SSIM), a well-known(More)
Twenty-four microsatellite markers were developed for the Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela hoya) composing a new marker set. The markers were tested on 61 Crested Serpent Eagle individuals. The number alleles ranged from 2 to 8 per locus (average = 3.8), and the effective number of alleles ranged from 1.13 to 6.07 (average = 2.34). In the new marker(More)
In this paper, multispectral image segmentation using a rough neural network based on an annealed strategy with a cooling schedule is created. The main purpose is to embed an annealed cooling schedule into the rough neural network to construct a segmentation system named annealed rough neural net (ARNN). The classification system is a paradigm for the(More)
—Digital Cameras that gradually replace conventional cameras store photographs in digital format. As a result, captured images can be more easily processed. Consequently the quality of image is more important. In this paper, we present an overview of image quality attributes of different contrast enhancement in gray level images. Moreover, we present(More)
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