Yi Y. Shi

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Major advances in large-scale yeast two-hybrid screening have provided a global view of binary protein-protein interactions across species as dissimilar as human, yeast, and bacteria. Remarkably, these analyses have revealed that all species studied have a degree distribution of protein-protein binding that is approximately scale-free (varies as a power(More)
We develop a stochastic model for quantifying the binary measurements of protein-protein interactions. A key concept in the model is the binary response function (BRF) which represents the conditional probability of successfully detecting a protein-protein interaction with a given number of the protein complexes. A popular form of the BRF is introduced and(More)
The properties of certain networks are determined by hidden variables that are not explicitly measured. The conditional probability (propagator) that a vertex with a given value of the hidden variable is connected to k other vertices determines all measurable properties. We study hidden variable models and find an averaging approximation that enables us to(More)
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