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To filter out various kinds of noise of different intensities in gray images, a highly adaptive morphological filter based on multiple structure and multi-scale elements was proposed. This algorithm employs a morphology filter based on multiple structure and multi-scale elements to filter the images, followed by image fusion processing with the weights(More)
A cognitive model is proposed to construct autonomous nonplayer characters with learning (LANPCs) by defining three functions, respectively sensing, reasoning and learning and effecting. The cognitive model is the product of the three functions. LANPCs can acquire knowledges from game world by the function sensing, where a discretization method based on(More)
Learning background statistics is an essential task for several visual surveillance applications such as incident detection and traffic management. An adaptive foreground object extraction algorithm for real-time video surveillance is presented in this paper. The proposed algorithm improves the classic Gaussian mixture background models (GMM) to remove the(More)
With more analysis on animal’s perceptive system and the rapid development of bionic sensors, it is possible to study intelligence perceptron based on artificial life. The main research of perceptron in artificial life is to synthesize local and incomplete measurement providing by some homogeneous or heterogeneous sensors which distributing in(More)
To solve the parameter tuning difficulties of auto-disturbance-rejection controllers for induction-motor frequency control system, the paper proposes a parameter optimization method based on variable-metric chaotic strategy. The new scheme could effectively settle the issues of an auto-disturbance-rejection controller, such as the widely dispersed,(More)
To raise the syndrome sequence quantification, differentiation and classification algorithm based on data envelopment analysis for solving the modeling issue of syndrome differentiation and classification of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This algorithm has three steps: first, in order to obtain basic units for explaining pathogenesis, and establish a(More)
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