Yi Xin Tong

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The development of the retinal receptor cell in the young tadpoles (Bufo raddei Strauch), from the stage 20 to the stage 25, was studied by TEM and immunohistochemical method. The morphological differentiation of the photoreceptor cell may be described as follows. The time and the degree of differentiation of the cells in the tadpole retina is asynchronous(More)
Using ConA-HRP and RCAI-HRP as probes, the distribution and changes of glycosides in mouse cornea were studied during pre- and postnatal development. Mannose residues were distributed mainly in stroma and endothelium, sialic acid residues in epithelium and galactose residues in both epithelium and stroma. Mannose residues in stroma showed an increased(More)
Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and their changes in early corneal development of Bufo raddei Strauch (from stage 16, neural tube, to stage 25, operculum completely closed) were studied with electron microscopic cytochemical method. Results show that synthesis of GAGs changes from non-sulfated to sulfated, and its content increased gradually with the development(More)
BACKGROUND The special AT-rich sequence-binding proteins 1 (SATB1) is a major regulator involved in cell differentiation. It has been shown that SATB1 acts as an oncogenic regulator. The clinical and prognostic significance of SATB1 in gastrointestinal cancer remains controversial. The purpose of this study is to conduct a systematic review and(More)