Yi Xiao

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Two of the most common signalling pathways in breast cancer are the ER (oestrogen receptor) ligand activation pathway and the E-cadherin–snai1–slug–EMT (epithelial–mesenchymal transition) pathway. Although these pathways have been thought to interact indirectly, the present study is the first to observe direct interactions between these pathways that(More)
The canonical view of the origin of tumor lymphovascular emboli is that they usually originate from lymphovascular invasion as part of a multistep metastatic process. Recent experimental evidence has suggested that metastasis can occur earlier than previously thought and we found evidence that tumor emboli formation can result from the short-circuiting step(More)
Correct specification of the left-right (L-R) axis is important for organ morphogenesis. Conserved mechanisms involving cilia rotation inside node-like structures and asymmetric Nodal signaling in the lateral plate mesoderm (LPM), which are important symmetry-breaking events, have been intensively studied. In zebrafish, the clustering and migration of(More)
The existence of malignant stem cells has been proven for hematopoietic disorder as well as some solid tumors. Although significant improvements in cancer therapy have been made, tumor recurrence is frequent and can partly be due to the absence of therapeutic target which tumor stem cells are regarded as. In this paper we shall explore different therapeutic(More)
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