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Linear equality and inequality constraints arise naturally in specifying many aspects of user interfaces, such as requiring that one window be to the left of another, requiring that a pane occupy the leftmost 1/3 of a window, or preferring that an object be contained within a rectangle if possible. Current constraint solvers designed for UI applications(More)
Ž. Efficient and fair use of buffer space in an Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM switch is essential to gain high throughput and low cell loss performance from the network. In this paper a shared buffer architecture associated with threshold-based virtual partition among output ports is proposed. Thresholds are updated based on traffic characteristics on each(More)
A k-winner-take-all (kWTA) network is able to find out the k largest numbers from n inputs. Recently, a dual neural network (DNN) approach was proposed to implement the kWTA process. Compared to the conventional approach, the DNN approach has much less number of interconnections. A rough upper bound on the convergence time of the DNN-kWTA model, which is(More)