Yi Xian

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—Wireless network coding has been shown to reduce the number of transmissions by exploiting the broadcast nature of the wireless medium. Multiple packets may be encoded into a single packet when their respective next hops have enough information to decode them. Previous research has shown that packets belonging to different flows may be encoded (inter-flow(More)
exploits more accurate knowledge about various parameters regarding routing to achieve better QoS in the DTN. We assume a variation of the well-known ferry model, in which there are ferry nodes moving along pre-defined routes to exchange messages with the gateway node of each region on the route and also pass to the gateway nodes look-ahead routing(More)
Recently Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) is becoming popular because of its promise for improving driving experience with respect to both safety and convenience concerns. One of the most important applications is to disseminate emergency notification messages to drivers in order to notify them the occurrence of an accident. The core challenge of message(More)
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