Yi-Xia Ren

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Two new heterometallic coordination polymers, [Na4Ln12(stp)8(OH)16(H2O)12]·10H2O [Ln = Dy (1) and Ho (2)], have been prepared from monosodium 2-sulfoterephthalate (NaH2stp), dysprosium acetate, or holmium acetate. They are isostructural, possessing a [Ln12(μ3-OH)16](20+) wheel-cluster core based on four vertex-sharing cubane-like [Ln4(μ3-OH)4](8+) units.(More)
Hydro- and solvo-thermal reactions of d-block metal ions (Mn(2+), Co(2+), Zn(2+) and Cd(2+)) with monosodium 2-sulfoterephthalate (NaH(2)stp) form six 3D coordination polymers featuring cluster core [M(4)(μ(3)-OH)(2)](6+) in common: [M(2)(μ(3)-OH)(stp)(H(2)O)] (M = Co (1), Mn (2) and Zn (3)), [Zn(2)(μ(3)-OH)(stp)(H(2)O)(2)] (4),(More)
The title complex, [Sr(C(12)H(8)N(2))(2)(H(2)O)(4)](C(2)N(10)), contains an [Sr(phen)(2)(H(2)O)(4)](2+) cation (phen is 1,10-phenanthroline) and a 5,5'-diazenediylditetra-zolide anion (site symmetry 2). The Sr(2+) cation (site symmetry 2) is coordinated by four N atoms from two chelating phen and four water mol-ecules. In the crystal structure, the water(More)
The reactions of lanthanide nitrates with 5-nitroisophthalic acid (ab. 5-H(2)nip) in DMF and ethanol (1 : 1) mixed solution gave rise to three nanoporous lanthanide polymers, {[Ln(2)(5-nip)(3)(DMF)(4)](DMF)(2)}(n) (Ln = Nd (), Dy (), Ho (), 5-nip = 5-nitroisophthalate). Single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses reveal that they are isomorphous and feature(More)
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