Yi-Wen Tong

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Bufo bankorensis is an endemic species in Taiwan, and its populations are geographically and reproductively isolated. However, the distinction of Taiwanese B. bankorensis as a separate species from the Chinese Bufo gargarizans remains in dispute. A primer set was designed to explore the mitochondrial (mt)DNA cytochrome (Cyt) b sequence (700 bp) of B.(More)
We have characterised an etoposide-resistant subline of the small-cell lung cancer cell line, UMCC-1, derived at our centre. Subline UMCC-1/VP was developed by culturing the parent line in increasing concentrations of etoposide over 16 months. UMCC-1/VP is 20-fold resistant to etoposide by MTT assays, relative to the parent line, and is cross-resistant to(More)
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