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Bufo bankorensis is an endemic species in Taiwan, and its populations are geographically and reproductively isolated. However, the distinction of Taiwanese B. bankorensis as a separate species from the Chinese Bufo gargarizans remains in dispute. A primer set was designed to explore the mitochondrial (mt)DNA cytochrome (Cyt) b sequence (700 bp) of B.(More)
A lactam-based peptidomimetic for the Phe7-Phe8 region of substance P has been synthesized. The synthesis used an anodic amide oxidation to selectively functionalize the C5-position of a 3-phenylproline derivative. The resulting proline derivative was coupled to a Cbz-protected phenylalanine, and an intramolecular reductive amination strategy used to(More)
Three substance P analogs with conformation constraints in the Phe7-Phe8 region have been prepared in connection with an effort to differentiate two families of potential conformations for the binding of substance P to its NK1 receptor. While the analogs did not bind the NK1 receptor with high affinity, the synthesis of the analogs demonstrated the utility(More)
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