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We provide a complete description of the limiting behaviour of the number Xn of groups that are formed by social animals when the number n of animals tends to infinity. The analysis is based on a random model by Durand, Blum and François, where it is assumed that groups are formed more likely by animals which are genetically related. The random variable Xn(More)
With the popularization of mobile wireless networks in recent year, we can expect that the future mobile communication environments will be constructed from networks of different coverages and characteristics. The integration of WiMAX and femtocell technologies seems to be a feasible option for better and cheaper wireless coverage extension. It is(More)
We consider the extra clustering model which was introduced by Durand et al. (J Theor Biol 249(2):262-270, 2007) in order to describe the grouping of social animals and to test whether genetic relatedness is the main driving force behind the group formation process. Durand and François (J Math Biol 60(3):451-468, 2010) provided a first stochastic analysis(More)
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