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Influence of fluctuating incubation temperatures on hatchling traits in a Chinese skink, eumeces chinensis
The effects of temperature and clutch of origin on incubation duration and the morphology and locomotor performance of hatchlings in a skink, Eumeces chinensis, are determined.
Thermal dependence of food assimilation and locomotor performance in juvenile blue-tailed skinks, Eumeces elegans
The results of this study suggest the patterns of thermal sensitivity may differ in various functional performances, and support the 'multiple optima hypothesis', which suggests that no specific temperature maximises all functional performance.
[Breeding-system comparison between alien invasive Solanum rostratum and its non-invasive congener S. americanum].
The invasivealien S. rostratum had lower self-compatibility than the non-invasive alien S. americanum, and the invasiveness of those two species was not significantly correlated with their self-Compatibility, but positively correlated with the distribution range.