Yi Wei Chen

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A leading approach for large-scale electrochemical energy production with minimal global-warming gas emission is to use a renewable source of electricity, such as solar energy, to oxidize water, providing the abundant source of electrons needed in fuel synthesis. We report corrosion-resistant, nanocomposite anodes for the oxidation of water required to(More)
Self-assembled silicon nanotubes with one-dimensional structure have been synthesized from silicon monoxide powder under supercritically hydrothermal conditions with a temperature of 470 degrees C and a pressure of 6.8 MPa. The silicon nanotubes were identified by transmission electron microscopy and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. The(More)
Penumbral imaging is a technique which uses the fact that spatial information can be recovered from the shadow or penumbra that an unknown source casts through a simple large circular aperture. The size of the penumbral image on the detector can be mathematically determined as its aperture size, object size, and magnification. Conventional reconstruction(More)
The objective of this research was to form a uniform NiSi layer on MOSFET devices. It has been widely recognized that two-step rapid thermal processing (RTP) is much more effective than one-step RTP in controlling the silicide thickness, and reverse narrow poly line effect. In addition to verifying the number of RTP process steps, soak annealing and spike(More)
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