Yi-Tzuu Chien

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This paper presents the dynamic programming approach to the design of optimal pattern recognition systems when the costs of feature measurements describing the pattern samples are of considerable importance. A multistage or sequential pattern classifier which requires, on the average, a substantially smaller number of feature measurements than that required(More)
The problem of optimally terminating the sequential recognit ion procedure at a finite time prespecihed by the designer is considered. The application arises, in practice, when the receptor (feature extraction) part of a sequential recognit ion machine has only a finite number of suitable features available to the categorixer (decision) part, or the cost of(More)
.' "atomic bomb" project in the F1940s. Then, the Apollo project in the 1960s landed men safely on the moon. | Now, in the 1980s, a "Strategic Defense Initiative," or "SDI," is underway whose goal is to counter the terrible threat of nuclear ballistic missiles. Artificial intelligence techniques and supercomputer use will have to play influential roles in(More)
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