Yi-Ting Lin

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The forward/backward trace refers to the trace captured after/before a target point is reached, respectively. Real time compression of the backward trace in a circular buffer is a challenging problem since the initial state of the trace currently under compression might be overwritten when wrapping around occurs. This paper presents a real time(More)
—Bus-based system-on-chip (SoC) design becomes the major integration methods for shorting design cycle and time-to-market, thus how to verify IP functionality on bus protocol is a challenge. Traditional simulation-based bus protocol monitors can check bus signals obey bus protocol or not, but they often lack of efficient debugging mechanisms .We propose a(More)
Chicken essence (CE) is a liquid nutritional supplement made from cooking whole chickens. In traditional Chinese medicine, CE is used to support health, promote healing, increase metabolism, and relieve fatigue. However, few studies have examined the effect of CE on exercise performance and physical fatigue. We aimed to evaluate the potential beneficial(More)
Proinflammatory cytokines play important roles in insulin resistance. Here we report that mice with a T-cell-specific conditional knockout of HGK (T-HGK cKO) develop systemic inflammation and insulin resistance. This condition is ameliorated by either IL-6 or IL-17 neutralization. HGK directly phosphorylates TRAF2, leading to its lysosomal degradation and(More)
Video surveillance systems are commonly used for environmental monitoring. Nevertheless, existing systems such as [1, 2] can only monitor scenes statically. When an accident or a fire event happens, we cannot get the critical pictures and check those situations immediately. Therefore, we propose to leverage pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and develop a(More)
BACKGROUND Both benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and Type-1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) share similar epidemiologic features and are all associated with the insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-mediated hormonal imbalance. The purpose of this study is to understand whether exercise (EX) could alleviate DM and DM + BPH. METHODS Sprague-Dawley rats were divided(More)
Video surveillance systems are commonly used to monitor environments, such as factories, shopping malls, offices, and schools, for safety and security. However, traditional closed-circuit television cameras can only capture static scenes. When unexpected events happen, such as fire accidents or stranger intrusion, the recorded video data cannot provide(More)