Yi-Ting Chien

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Temporary congestion on wireless mesh networks is often encountered. The robustness of connections has become a significant issue. Rate reduction is the general way to mitigate congestion nowadays. “Path-alternation-based throughput regulator (PATR)” is an alternative-path approach to improve the robustness of TCP connections and it consists(More)
Fractionation of an ethanol-soluble extract of the seeds of Swietenia macrophylla yielded six new limonoids, swielimonoids A-F (1-6), along with 20 known compounds. Compounds 1 and 2, mexicanolide-type limonoids, were assigned with an α,β-unsaturated δ-lactone moiety (ring D) and a C═C bond between C-8 and C-30. Compounds 3-6 could be categorized as highly(More)
With the rapidly growth of the network technology, broadband communication systems have become very important. However, most scheduling algorithms in network devices lacks of the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth among connection with various quality demand. In this paper, we propose an adaptive bandwidth allocation mechanism to enhance the network(More)
Chronic tinnitus is a debilitating condition and often accompanied by anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbance. It has been suggested that sleep disturbance, such as insomnia, may be a risk factor/predictor for tinnitus-related distress and the two conditions may share common neurobiological mechanisms. This study investigated whether acute stress-induced(More)
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