Yi-Ting Chiang

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We introduce and study orderly spanning trees of plane graphs. This algorithmic tool generalizes canonical orderings, which exist only for triconnected plane graphs. Although not every plane graph admits an orderly spanning tree, we provide an algorithm to compute an orderly pair for any connected planar graph G, consisting of an embedded planar graph H(More)
The <i>canonical ordering</i> for triconnected planar graphs is a powerful method for designing graph algorithms. This paper introduces the <i>orderly pair</i> of connected planar graphs, which extends the concept of canonical ordering to planar graphs not required to be triconnected. Let <i>G</i> be a connected planar graph. We give a linear-time algorithm(More)
Multi-resident activity recognition is among a key enabler in many context-aware applications in a smart home. However, most of prior researches ignore the potential interactions among residents in order to simplify problem complexity. On the other hand, multiple-resident activities are usually recognized using cameras or wearable sensors. However, due to(More)
Recommender systems are useful tools that help people to filter and explore massive information. While the accuracy of recommender systems is important, many recent research indicated that focusing merely on accuracy not only is insufficient to meet user needs, but also may be harmful. Other characteristics such as novelty, unexpectedness and diversity(More)
Multiple-resident activity recognition is a major challenge for building a smart-home system. In this paper, conditional random fields (CRFs) are chosen as our activity recognition models for overcoming this challenge. We evaluate our proposed approach with several strategies, including conditional random field with iterative inference and the one with(More)
OBJECTIVES In Western population, smoking is a dose-dependent risk factor for pancreatitis, whereas a threshold of 5 drinks per day may exist for alcohol to increase pancreatitis risk. Given ethnic differences in tobacco and alcohol metabolism, we examined the associations between smoking, alcohol, and pancreatitis in Asians. METHODS A population-based(More)
BACKGROUND The increased rates of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in patients with psoriasis are not adequately explained by traditional risk factors. Whether concomitant sleep disorders (SDs) modify the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in patients with psoriasis remains unknown. METHODS Using the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research(More)
BACKGROUND Prospective evidence on the association between secondhand-smoke exposure and tuberculosis is limited. METHODS We included 23,827 never smokers from two rounds (2001 and 2005) of Taiwan National Health Interview Survey. Information on exposure to secondhand smoke at home as well as other sociodemographic and behavioral factors was collected(More)
This study presents a tumor-extracellular matrix pH-induced targeting liposome (ECM-targeting liposomes), crosslinked from methoxy-poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(N-2-hydroxypropyl methacrylamide-co-histidine)-cholesterol copolymers and biotin2-polyethylene glycol crosslinkers by hydrogen bonds to overcome the defects of liposomes. In this study, ECM-targeting(More)