Yi-Ting Chen

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We present a multi-instance object segmentation algorithm to tackle occlusions. As an object is split into two parts by an occluder, it is nearly impossible to group the two separate regions into an instance by purely bottomup schemes. To address this problem, we propose to incorporate top-down category specific reasoning and shape prediction through(More)
Tumors from patients with high-grade aggressive prostate cancer (PCa) exhibit increased expression of monoamine oxidase A (MAOA), a mitochondrial enzyme that degrades monoamine neurotransmitters and dietary amines. Despite the association between MAOA and aggressive PCa, it is unclear how MAOA promotes PCa progression. Here, we found that MAOA functions to(More)
UNLABELLED In this study, we evaluated the reproducibility of abundant urine protein depletion by hexapeptide-based library beads and an antibody-based affinity column using the iTRAQ technique. The antibody-based affinity-depletion approach, which proved superior, was then applied in conjunction with iTRAQ to discover proteins that were differentially(More)
Discrete-time queues are infinite dimensional switches in time. Ever since Shannon published his paper ("Memory requirements in telephone exchange," Bell Syst. Tech. J., pp. 343-349, vol. 29, 1950) on the memory requirements in a telephone exchange, there have been tremendous efforts in the search for switches with minimum complexity. Constructing queues(More)
MicroRNA (miRNA or miR) inhibition of oncogenic related pathways has been shown to be a promising therapeutic approach for cancer. Aberrant lipid and cholesterol metabolism is involved in prostate cancer development and progression to end-stage disease. We recently demonstrated that a key transcription factor for lipogenesis, sterol regulatory(More)
Bladder cancer is a common urologic cancer whose incidence continues to rise annually. Urinary microparticles are an attractive material for noninvasive bladder cancer biomarker discovery. In this study, we applied isotopic dimethylation labeling coupled with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) to discover bladder cancer biomarkers in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of a 3-month home-based physical therapy (PT) program for patients with hip fracture after surgery. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial. SETTING Home. PARTICIPANTS Twenty-five patients recently discharged from an acute orthopedic department. INTERVENTIONS Patients were randomized to the home-based PT group (n=13),(More)
Pericytes have been identified as the major source of precursors of scar-producing myofibroblasts during kidney fibrosis. The underlying mechanisms triggering pericyte-myofibroblast transition are poorly understood. Transforming growth factor β-1 (TGF-β1) is well recognized as a pluripotent cytokine that drives organ fibrosis. We investigated the role of(More)
The purpose of extractive summarization is to automatically select a number of indicative sentences, passages, or paragraphs from the original document according to a target summarization ratio and then sequence them to form a concise summary. In the paper, we proposed the use of probabilistic latent topical information for extractive summarization of(More)